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Rent Or Buy Voting Systems From Us

How does the system work?

• The system consists of a keypad for each audience member, a receiver, and software that allows questions posed by the presenter.
• The system allows presenters to pose a series of questions, with the ten button keypads allowing audience members to enter information, which is immediately available to the presenter.
• Audience members responses are aggregated real time on a screen, the results then used to form the basis of deeper discussion and understanding in a wide range of subject areas.
• The system identifies if audience members are participating and provides interactive group responses.

How do I ask a question?

Questions are posed in PowerPoint and displayed onscreen to the audience.

How much time does it take to input each question?

As quickly as inputting a question into PowerPoint. We allow Three Minutes for each.

How much time does it take to get an audience response onscreen?

Typically between one and sixty seconds depending on the number of Keypads.

How long does it take to set up the equipment?

The Laptop and receiver can be setup and connected to a projector in under half an hour. We do recommend that an hour be allowed for voting presenter rehearsal though.

What equipment do you supply?

We supply a Voting Laptop, Receiver, Keypads and Voting engineer to run the event. We DO NOT supply projection, sound or lighting equipment.

Is your system RF (Radio) or Infra Red?

Our equipment is the latest Spread spectrum RF (Radio) based equipment operating at 2.4Ghz. We have never had interference of any kind in over 10 Years of operation at hundreds of events. Please ask about our RF Interoperability statement if required.

How do we brief the audience on using the keypad?

Typically we add two slides at the beginning of voting with the following description:
• Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this event.
• Please listen carefully while we introduce the electronic voting system in use today.
• Questions will be displayed on the screen, and you will be asked to choose your response.
• When instructed please enter a response by pressing (and releasing) the button of your choice.
• To change your vote, simply enter a new response. The system will record your last choice.
• After the event, please leave your Keypad behind as it is security tagged.
• Thank-you and remember, Your Vote Counts.

How is the collected data displayed on the screen?

Typical results are horizontal and vertical bar graphs or pie charts. We can customise this on request.

Once an individual has voted, does the keypad get locked so that there are no chances of duplication or multiple answers?

As factory default there is one vote per keypad per question. There is no chance of duplication of votes. However weighted and priority ranked voting is possible. Please ask for details.

Where does this data get collected?

Reports are available in Excel or Word Format with graphical results in PowerPoint after the voting has closed.

How do I track responses from participants?

Create a Participant List in TurningPoint and then use the Participant Monitor to view the responses from each participant. You can either create a Participant List using the Participant List Wizard or by importing an existing file.

What are the benefits of using audience interaction?

• Involving participants increases memory retention by three to five times.
• Interaction increases interest and participation.
• Instantly showing the results of participant voting increases involvement and enjoyment for both participants and presenters.
• Having instant results means quality discussion on gaps in thinking that have been raised.
• Post-event reports can provide invaluable information and details for reviewing, evaluation and comparison, at a fraction of the cost of market research…its part of the package, not extra.

How can I use the Interact system in my business?

When you want to…
• Share information with a group, and establish that it has been understood: Case study – training – workshop – evaluation – product launch – conference
• Gain information from a group quickly and accurately: Meetings – opinion polls – surveys – evaluation – market research
• Develop ideas with a group, promote involvement and ‘Q & A’: Business benchmarking – brainstorming – action planning – sales strategy meetings -employee induction
• Count votes with speed and accuracy and present the results instantaneously: Council voting – AGM’s – elections – recruitment
• Promote discussion, create a challenge and involve a group with each other: Team building – quizzes – staff training – trivia events – motivational events – staff meetings – knowledge testing

What are your onsite requirements?

Outlined below are our Pre and onsite AV requirements for the event:

At least One Day before the event:
• A standard conference PowerPoint template that can be used to program all the content.
• The list of questions & answers in MS Word (or email) with any correct answer clearly identified. When designing your questions please make them as simple as possible i.e. ideally no more than ten words in a sentence e.g.: Q: “Will the S&P500 increase or decrease in the coming year?” A: Yes or No – For non opinion questions please identify the correct answer by bolding or colouring it. e.g.: Q: How many people work in the UAE tax office? Answer options: A:1000, B:None, C:15, D:1459
• Confirmation of whether the main screen will be 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

Requirements on-site:
• 1 x 2m Dressed Conference Table and 2 Chairs. Should be front of house within 150m of the delegates and easily accessible to the client/presenter. Therefore may be need for long VGA cables and production talkback to this point.
• 2 x VGA feed’s to projector for main and backup laptops
• 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack PC Sound feed for any countdown clocks when voting
• 4 x 13Amp Power sockets
• A monitor on stage to show a preview if required.
• Secure on-site overnight storage for the keypads.

During the event:
• A client rep is required to sign to accept the Keypads – we will show them the devices and confirmation is required in the form of a printed name and signature
• Please provide Hosts(ess) to distribute the Keypads at each delegates place once tables have been dressed and set – One Host(ess) wil be responsible for approx. 100 Keypads
Below please find outlined the typical flow of a voting session:
• During the Presenters PowerPoint presentation a voting icon is shown (can be the word vote or a picture provided by us)
• The MC introduces voting and the first sample question.
• Video operator switches the Voting computer onscreen with voting open
• Voting commences and any required countdown clocks or sounds are played by the audio team – we can provide.
• After the agreed time the vote is closed and results displayed as vertical barcharts on the right of the screen.
• The MC comments on these results and asks for the next question or slide.

Post the Voting session :
• MC announces that voting is concluded and that the audience are to hand in the devices to the host(ess)
• Hosts(ess) collect Keypads whilst the audience are still seated and before any meal is served. (this is imperative as many units will be lost otherwise)
• Hosts(ess) count and collate keypads onsite and identify any missing units
• The client rep is shown the losses and signs to accept the deficiency at the agreed rate of $100 each
• Once this form is signed the Voting operator runs reports and provides voting results in PowerPoint and Excel format.